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Automatic Section Controller
Minimize overlap and misses in the field with automated section control. The AS7500 controller automatically manages the boom-section switches to provide precise control, hence minimizing over spraying, over spreading and misses in the field.
The AS7500 manages the boom sections around obstacles in the field, across headlands, and in any situation where the operator would be manually controlling the boom section switches.

The AS7500 is the only system available to accurately manage exactly where the boom sections shut off and turn back on. Easily manage the overlap from 0 – 100%, preventing chemical burn or misses.  Split-second timing across all sections, whether switching ON or OFF, is easily handled by the AS7500.

The AS7500 is compatible with virtually any GPS receiver and more than 30 spray-rate controllers from all leading manufactures.  The AS7500 can help you gain efficiency from your existing equipment and prevents you from being locked to one manufacturer.

Easy to use
One button to start a new field, and let the AS7500 control the boom section switches. The AS7500 does not forget to switch sections ON or OFF, easily override with one button if required.             

Vehicle modeling
The AS7500 is the only system available that models the true position and orientation of the spray rig boom.  As a vehicle maneuvers around obstacles and headlands, accurate boom section switching can only be achieved with the known position and angle of the boom.            

Future proof & past compatible
The AS7500 is built to last with RS232, CANBus and voltage ports all within the same small neat package. This ensures that the AS7500 is compatible with the technology of the past and the technology of the future.

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