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Leica SteerDirect CAN

Direct Controller Area Network connection
CAN Steering Solutions  
Leica’s SteerDirect CAN solutions connect the Leica guidance solutions directly to your tractor’s CANbus, creating a simple and accurate steering option that’s both affordable and easy to install. Plus, when you connect directly to the CANbus (Controller Area Network) on your tractor, the guidance device communicates directly with existing controllers, valves and sensors already on your tractor. This makes the SteerDirect CAN solution a very affordable and safe steering option.

In emulation mode, CAN steering allows you to continue using your existing third-party displays so you don’t have to learn a new system, while providing the advantages of Leica network solutions, Virtual Wrench service, GLONASS satellite positioning, and class-leading terrain compensation.

CAN steering capability is built into Leica guidance solutions and provides the following benefits:

  • Simple, single cable connection for easy installation
  • Uses existing controllers, valves, and sensors purchased with your tractor, eliminating the need for additional expense and more complicated installation.
  • Cost-effective approach to upgrade many legacy systems without replacing electro-hydraulic steering

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